Programming in Medicine

The purpose of Programming in Medicine (PiM) is to foster a community that utilizes programming as a tool to help Stritch students develop their individual projects and research. This organization aspires to guide students, regardless of programming experience, through a two-pronged approach. First, there will be a weekly teaching session that will introduce students to basics of programming in R and Python. This will constitute 30-40 minutes with open source resources. This will be followed by 30-minute debugging sessions where experienced programmers will individually walk students through their projects.

PiM will also have liaisons that will connect students with faculty members interested in clinical data mining projects based on the competency of the students. Students interested in this will undergo assessment and will be given opportunities accordingly. After the introduction of the students to faculty members, PiM will be responsible for setting up programming environment and possible continuation of the research. The responsibility of completion of the project will befall on the student and the PiM programmer.

Another PiM initiative will be inviting guest physicians and residents who are willing to present their research ideas, so that the students can take part in contributing to the greater medical discourse.


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