PULSE (Proviso United with Loyola Students for Educational Enrichment)

Stritch students mentor high schoolers as they get hands-on experience in different branches of medicine, such as cardiology, family medicine, and anatomy. The program also gives the high school students the opportunity to explore different healthcare careers and to prepare for the college admissions process. The sessions take place once a month for eight weeks. Since the inception, more than 400 Proviso Math and Science Academy students have completed the program.

PULSE Goals:

  • Assist students with learning math and science concepts through educational enrichment
  • Offer students practical, hands-on experiences that cultivate student interest in the medical profession
  • Expand student exposure to career-related information and resources via mentoring, job shadowing, field trips, and other learning expeditions
  • Provide activities that will assist students with college-readiness
  • Nurture a spirit of community service through volunteer projects benefiting the Proviso communities


PULSE is a mentorship program for the Proviso high school students that are interested in healthcare. We recruit M1 students to serve as mentors who meet with these students on a monthly basis every Monday. 

Contact Us


 Co-coordinator - Tanvi Patel, tpatel32@luc.edu

Co-coordinator - Eleanor Marcet, emarcet@luc.edu

Board member - Erika Bannister, ebannister@luc.edu

Board member - Rianna Chu, rchu1@luc.edu

Board member- Evan Sitar, esitar@luc.edu