Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SOG)

The Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SOG), formerly known as the Society of Women’s Health, is committed to advocating for the health of female-identifying (cis-gender and trans-gender females), gender non-conforming, and transitioning patients who were assigned female at birth. We aim to explore the complex issues that uniquely affect individuals with uteruses/ovaries/vaginas (as a result of XX chromosomes or gender confirmation therapy) throughout their lifespan. While some of our events are specific to the OB/GYN specialty, we provide a broad range of educational and advocacy opportunities that span many specialties and relate to caring for individuals assigned female at birth and transitioning/transitioned transgender patients. Through workshops, panels, mentorship opportunities, and patient interactions at the CHC Gynecology clinic, we work to understand the health of female-identifying, gender non-conforming, and transgender patients as a fundamental component of medical care and promote access to reproductive healthcare for all.


Faculty Liaison

  • Scott Graziano

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