Student Organizations 2019-2020


Specialty Interest Groups:

Recreational Clubs:

Stritch Programs:

Inactive Clubs:

  • American Physician Scientist Association
  • Bioethics Interest Group
  • Health Education Outreach Coalition
  • History of Medicine Interest Group
  • Infectious Disease Interest Group
  • Interfaith Dialogues in Practice
  • Music Matters
  • Nutrition in Medicine
  • Patient Safety and Quality Care Interest Group
  • PAVE
  • Peanut Butter and Pads
  • Pro-Life Advocacy Group
  • Radiology Interest Group
  • St. Eulalia Teen and Youth Night
  • Student Committee on Interprofessional Education and Collaboration (SCIPEC)
  • Students Curious in Outrageous Pathology Experiences (SCOPE)
  • Students for a National Healthcare Program
  • Team Tachycardia (Sartorius)
  • Trauma Prevention
  • Ultrasound Interest Group
  • Wilderness Medicine Interest Group