Ultrasound Interest Group

Mission Statement

The Ultrasound Interest Group (USIG) at Loyola is committed to learning and teaching the technique of ultrasound as it is a growing diagnostic imaging modality used in a variety of medical specialties. Ultrasound is useful as a technique in teaching anatomy, physiology, pathology and physical diagnosis.

Organization Goals

USIG aims to provide opportunities for the learning and practice of ultrasound techniques through hands-on workshops, interest group meetings, independent study, group practice sessions, and community events. An emphasis on collaborative teaching allows students to share their knowledge and methods of understanding difficult concepts and techniques with one another.

Development Plan

Throughout the upcoming year, USIG will aim to include lectures from faculty from a wide array of specialties, so that students may gain a better understanding of this advancing field, and to highlight the diversity of its uses. We also plan on having workshops taught by ultrasound-trained student mentors, residents, and faculty members (as available).

Contact Us


President - Charlotte Adema, cadema@luc.edu

Vice President - Joey Mustafa, jmustafa@luc.edu