Vascular Surgery Interest Group

Encourage a career in vascular surgery

  • To raise awareness of the specialty among medical students and promote membership
    • Create a formal program of connecting interested students with faculty
    • Faculty/resident/student dinners/mixers
    • Help set up shadowing experiences (OR, clinics, wards)
  • Invite attendings from both private practice and academia to speak on a variety of relevant topics

Take part in outreach within the community

  • Help run a health table at a local health fair, high school, or other suitable venue on relevant topics

Encourage research within vascular surgery

  • Journal clubs
  • Solicit research opportunities from faculty and provide information for interested students

Provide education to medical students

  • Attend vascular surgery conference
  • Rounds with the Chief of Vascular Surgery/Vascular surgery fellows
  • Shadow clinical experiences
  • Attend vascular operations, suturing skills, scrubbing, vascular anastomoses workshops
  • Visit simulation labs, anatomy sessions, non-invasive vascular labs
  • Study groups
  • Vascular surgery rotation tip sheet


Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS):

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President: Nabeeha Khan

Vice-President: Tommy Boland

M4 Liaisons: Tara Zielke, Janice Nam, and Avital Simone