Walks of Life

The purpose of Walks of Life is to provide a platform for non-traditional students who have had previous careers or gap years to share their life experiences with the Stritch community. Whether a student took time off to build a career, travel the world, or start a family, Walks of Life aims to cultivate a crowdsourcing environment where students can share these experiences with one another. Members of Walks of Life are lawyers, dancers, elementary school teachers, veterans, musicians, and mothers and fathers who have gained valuable skillsets pertinent to medicine such as providing and receiving feedback, engaging in effective teamwork, communicating during a crisis, and advocating for vulnerable populations.

Walks of Life aims to create a safe space for students to tell their stories through events open to the student body and faculty. Through lunch and learn sessions, previous lawyers can educate us on physician and patient rights, marketers can teach us about strengthening our personal brands, teachers can educate us on goal-setting and active listening, and artists can teach us about active reflection and creative expression. Physicians with previous careers will participate in panels to discuss the challenges they have faced and the lessons they have learned throughout their career transition to medicine. Though many of us come from different walks of life, this organization brings us toward a common purpose of using these life experiences to establish deep and meaningful relationships with our future patients.


Faculty Liaison

  • Darrell Nabers 

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