NIH, R25 DK121573-01 Putonti, Dong, Wolfe: Multi-PI 04/01/20–01/31/25
Undergraduate Research Experience in Urinary Microbiome Science 
NIH, R25DK122954 Putonti, PI; Wolf Dong, Mueller, Co-PI 2020-2025
Undergraduate Research Experience in Benign Urologic Disease
NIH 1T35AI125220-01A1 Mueller: Multi-PI, Wolfe, Co-I 07/20/17-06/30/22
Summer Research Experience for Medical Students in Inflammation and Infectious Diseases  
Columbia O’Brien Center Opportunity Costs Putonti: PI, Wolfe, Co-I 10/01/20-09/30/21
Investigating urobiome interactions using novel tools
NIH/NIDDK, R01DK104718-01 Brubaker, Wolfe: Multi-PI 03/01/16-02/28/21
The Female Urinary Microbiome and Urinary Incontinence
Prostatitis Foundation Flanigan: PI, Wolfe: Co-PI  
The Influence of Male Urinary and Prostatic Microbiota on the Detection and Progression of Prostate Cancer
LU212667 Abarillio: PI, Wolfe: Co-I 01/01/20–12/31/20
The impact of urethral catheters on the lower urinary tract microbiota and developmentof catheter-associated urinary tract infection
LU212575 Acevedo Alvarez: PI, Wolfe: Co-I 04/01/20–03/31/21
Effect of Methenamine Hippurate on the Urinary Microbiome of Women with Recurrent UTI 
Kimberly Clark Corporation Wolfe, PI 06/05/19-07/31/21
Determination of Optimal Growth Conditions for Urinary Bacteria – Appendix C
Kimberly Clark Corporation Wolfe, PI 0/02/20-05/31/21
Comparative Genomic Analysis of Lactobacilli from the Urinary Tract – Appendix E