Current Research Funding


NIH/NIDDK, RO1DK104718-01 Brubaker, Wolfe: Multi-PI 03/01/16 - 02/28/21
The Female Urinary Microbiome and Urinary Incontinence
Kimberly-Clark Corporation Putonti, Wolfe: Multi-PI 07/01/19 - 06/30/20
Determination of Optimal Growth Conditions for Urinary Bacteria
NIH/NIDDK, 1U01DK1068980 Mueller 07/01/15 - 06/30/20
PLUS Loyola Clinical Center
Kimberly-Clark Corporation Wolfe, PI; Putonti, Co-PI 2018-2020
Identifying and Evaluating Common and Rare Consortia of Bacteria in the Female Bladder
Loyola University Research Funding Committee (RFC)  Acevedo, PI 07/01/2020-07/01/2021
Effects of Methenamine Hippurate on the Urinary Microbiome of Women with Recurrent UTI