Phong Lee, PhD (far left, row 5), Alan Wolfe, PhD (far left, row 3), Linda Brubaker, MD, MS (far left, row 2), along with undergraduate and graduate health sciences students and faculty collaborate at a research meeting 

Researchers in Dr. Alan Wolfe's Lab Summer 2019

(far left, back row): Baylie Hochstedler, MS, Cesar Montelongo Hernandez, MS, Omar Abdel-Rhahim, MS, Travis Price, PhD, Evan Hilt, PhD, David Christensen, PhD, Tommy Halverson, Ryan Dornbier, MD. (far left. front row): Bozena Zemaitaitis, MS, Sarah Feid, Vibha Ahuja, PhD, Alan Wolfe, PhD, Michael Bochert.  Not pictured: Brian Choi, MS, Nancy Sloan, Tom Bank 


 Dr. Linda Brubaker, MD, MS and Dr. Alan Wolfe, PhD

 Dr. Alan Wolfe assesses bacterial growth on a blood agar plate with Dr. Evann Hilt

Back row, far left: Branden Chen, MD, _, Baylie Hochstedler, MS, Birte Wolff, MD, Elizabeth Mueller, Alan Wolfe, PhD. Three people in front/center behind the poster, left: Marian Alvarez, MD, _, Thythy Pham, MD.