Research Projects

Recently completed and active research projects related to undergraduate and graduate medical education and pedagogy by Loyola Stritch faculty members.
Details linked to each research titile (pdf file).


Emily E. Anderson, PhD, MPH

Pediatric Clerkship Reflections: Operation Homefront
Co-investigators/collaborators: Bridget Boyd, MD, Mark Kuczewski, PhD, Virginia McCarthy, MDiv, Nadia Qureshi, MD, Jerry Stirling, MD


Emily Gilbert, MD

Evaluation of an EPA-based Assessment Form for the Sub-Internship Rotations
Co-investigators/collaborators: Melissa Bussey, MD


Gregory Gruener, MD, MBA

Sentiment and Text Analysis of Student Application and Performance Data
Co-Investigators/collaborators: William Adams, M.A.; Cara Joyce, Ph.D.; Amy Hoyt, M.Ed.; and Sunshine Nakae, PhD

John Hardt, PhD

Physician's Vocation Program
Co-Investigators/collaborators: Michael McCarthy, PhD, Emily Anderson, PhD, Thu Nguyen, MPH (former public health student), Vivian Irizary Gatell, MD (former medical student, now resident), William Adams, MA


Amy Kule, MD

Overtraining in Simulation-based Mastery Learning Performance Translation of Ultrasound-guided Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Placement from a Simulator to Humans
Co-investigators/collaborators:  Trent Reed DO, William Adams MA, Helen Iwasaki

Overtraining in Simulation-Based Mastery Learning-Six-Month Retention Testing of Ultrasound-guided Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Placement from a Simulator to Humans‌
Co-investigators/collaborators: Trent Reed DO, William Adams MA, Rasheed Richards


Scott Levin, MD

Leveling the Clinical Performance Evaluation Field Among Varied Family Medicine Clerkship Sites
Co-Investigators/collaborators: William Adams, MA


Aaron Michelfelder, MD

Advising Students for the Family Medicine Match
Co-investigators/collaborators: Eva Bading, MD, William Adams, Cristy Page, MD, Joel Heidlebaugh, MD, Beat Steiner MD


Trent Reed, DO

Identification and Instruction of Core ECG Interpretation SkillsIdentification and Instruction of Core ECG Interpretation Skills Necessary for Emergency Medicine Residency Readiness‌
Co-investigators/collaborators: S Lovett, D Holt, Amy Hoyt, MEd, William Adams, MA

Simulation-Based Mastery Learning Improves Medical Student Performance and Retention of Core Clinical Skills
Co-investigators/collaborators: Pirotte M, McHugh M, Oh L, Lovett S, Hoyt A, Quinones D, Adams W, Gruener G, McGaghie W

Simulation Using TeamSTEPPS to Promote Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice
Co-investigators/collaborators: Tricia Leann Horsley, PhD, RN, Keith Muccino, MD, Donna Quinones, Viva Siddall, J McCarthy, William Adams, MA, William McGaghie


Adam Schiff, MD

The Economic Burden of Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Interviews on Applicants
Co-investigators/collaborators: Harold A. Fogel, MD (resident), Elissa S. Finkler (resident), Karen Wu, MD, Lukas Nystrom, MD

Economic Burden of Medical Students to Interview for Residency
Co-investigators/collaborators: Tomas Liskutin (medical student), Harold A. Fogel, MD (resident), Elissa S. Finkler (resident), Karen Wu, MD, Lukas Nystrom, MD

Incidence of Illegal Questions Asked of Medical Students During Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Interviews
Co-investigators/collaborators: Tomas Liskutin (medical student), Karen Wu, MD, Lukas Nystrom, MD, Elizabeth Harkin, MD (resident)


David C. Schilling, MD

Review of Clerkships with Normative and Criterion Grading Systems
Co-investigators/collaborators: William Adams, MA

Analysis of Third Year Clerkships CPE Data:
Co-investigators/collaborators: William Adams, MA; Matt Fitz, MD

Classical test Theory and Item Response Theory Analysis of Psychiatry Examinations
Co-investigators/collaborators: William Adams, MA

Effectiveness of Clerkship Grading Systems
Co-investigators/collaborators: William Adams, MA


 Jerold Stirling, MD

Assessment of Emotional Intelligence in Residents
Co-investigators/collaborators: Ramzan Shahid, MD, William Adams, MA

An Assessment of Rewards and Faculty Development Opportunities Provided to pediatric Community Faculty 


Katherine Wasson, PhD, MPH

The Assessing Clinical Ethics Skills (ACES) Tool Project
Co-Investigators and Collaborators: Michael McCarthy, PhD, Kayhan Parsi, JD, PhD, Mark Kuczewski, PhD, Viva Jo Siddall, MS, PhD (c), Robert Johnson, MEd, Rejoice Jebamalaiss, MBA

Discrimination in Medical School: An Asian-American Perspective
Co-Investigators:  Grace Chan, BS, Beverly Tse, BS, Margo Leatherwood, BS, Lena Hatchett, PhD

Retrospective Review of Ethics Consultations Conducted at Loyola University Health System from 2008-13
Co-Investigators/Collaborators:  Kayhan Parsi, Michael McCarthy, Mark Kuczewski, Paul Hutchison, Emily Anderson, Erika Hagstrom-Lee, McKenzie Brown

A Qualitative Exploration of the Experirence and Views of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Students in Medical Education
Co-Investigators and Collaborators: Mark G. Kuczewski, PhD and Lena Hatchett, PhD; Diana Andino, Johana Mejias-Beck, Belsy Garcia Manrique, Emelin Garcia Nieto, Aldo Martinez, Heather Pease