Call for Proposals- Deadline December 1, 2018
Notification of award by January 4, 2019

The Leischner Department of Medical Education (DOME) is pleased to announce the York Educational Research Grant Program for faculty.  The $5000 grants are intended to support educational research to improve the design, implementation, and evaluation of the Stritch School of Medicine curriculum and LUC GME postgraduate residency education programs.

Whether qualitative or quantitative, this research will support challenges currently facing the Stritch and the LUC GME medical education communities.  Translational research that aims to move research discoveries from theory to practice and immediate application of new knowledge is strongly encouraged.  Medical education research as translational science is a goal of this grant program.

Once a clear research question is expressed, the opportunity to solve challenges and implement practical solutions is limitless. Faculty can address a variety of educational challenges to develop their research plan.  The goal of the York Educational Grant Program is continuous improvement of the Stritch School of Medicine curriculum and LUC GME programs.

Grant proposals should include the following information (7-10 pages double spaced, not including budget):

    1. Title
    2. Investigator Name and Collaborators
    3. Literature Review
      • 1-2 sentences documenting your search strategy (databases and terms searched)
      • 10-15 references (about 1 page)
    4. Research Question and Specific Aims (about ½ - 1 page)
    5. Methodology
      •  Subjects/Sample
      •  Study Design
      •  Intervention (if applicable)
      •  Outcomes/Variables of interest
      •  Analysis plan
      •  Potential limitations/challenges and how these will be addressed
    6. Human Subjects (about 1 page)
      • Risks and benefits
      • Informed Consent
      •  Privacy and confidentiality
    7. Timeline
    8. Team Members and Roles
    9. Budget
      Budget cannot include salary support for faculty.  Support for research assistance or consultants (including biostatistics can be requested).  Examples of other budget items include: equipment; materials and supplies; incentives; printing, postage; use fees for scales/survey instruments; travel.

    Note: You do not need IRB approval or exemption prior to submission but you will need an LU# and IRB approval/exemption before funds are released.

    The Advisory Board of the Department of Medical Education will review and rank all applications concerning clarity of the research question and proposed research methods. 

    The review criteria will include:

    • Introduction builds a logical case and context for the problem statement.
    • Literature is synthesized and appraised critically.
    • Conceptual (theoretical) framework is explicit and justified.
    • Problem statement and research question(s) are clear and concise.
    • Variables being investigated are identified clearly.
    • Measures yield reliable data.
    • A data analysis plan is presented.
    • Implications and potential applications of research results are expressed.
    • References are appropriate and their use is judicious.


    • Presentation of research at St. Albert 's Day OR a regional, national, or international meeting
    • Presentation of research at a Department of Medical Education (DOME) Grand Rounds or DOME Research Meeting.
    • Preparation of a manuscript that can be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal

    SUBMIT TO: Cynthia Chaidez, SSOM, Room 292 or email: cchaidez@luc.edu

    Call for Proposals- Deadline December 1, 2018
    Notification of award by January 4, 2019

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