Program for Experimental and Theoretical Modeling (PETM)


Numerical Schemes for the Solution of a PDE Multiscale Model with Age of Hepatitis C Virus Dynamics during Therapy

Vlad-July 13, 2017_ flyer

Looking for bugs: A Multi-Armed Bandit Model to Optimize Entomological Surveys

Sarah-June 29 2017_ flyer

Quantifying the extent of cell-to-cell transmission for the spread of hepatitis C virus

Peter-April 27, 2017_ flyer

Modeling immune responses during hepatitis B acute and chronic infections

Stanca- Jan 25, 2017_ flyer

Mathematical modeling to predict childhood obesity trends in school

Swati - Aug 2, 2016_ flyer

Hepatitis C virus infection propagates through interactions between syndecan-1 and CD 81, and impacts the hepatocyte glycocalyx

Eve-Isabelle - May 9, 2016_ flyer

Sex and HCV infection: women are different

Page - April 25, 2016_ flyer

The probability of Hepatitis C virus transmission through syringe sharing as a function of viral load - Implications for vaccine success

Major - April 25, 2016_ flyer

A better understanding of hepatitis D virus through modeling

Ashish- March 10, 2016 -_ PETM_flyer - Shortcut

Heterogeneous shedding of influenza by human subjects and its implications for control

Canini- July 14, 2015 -_PETM flyer [Compatibility Mode]

An introduction to interdependent networks

Louis- July 9, 2015 -_PETM flyer [Compatibility Mode]

Modeling Hepatitis C viral kinetic in the era of direct acting antiviral agents: Review and perspectives

Guedj- Feb 17, 2015 -_ flyer

Development of hepatocellular carcinoma in hepatitis B and C virus infected MUP- uPA/SCID/Bg transgenic mice engrafted with humanized liver

Feinstone - Jan 5, 2015 -_PETM flyer