Q: What degrees do you offer?
A: We offer a Masters and Ph.D. degree. Students may also apply to the Stritch School of Medicine's  MD/PhD program and, if accepted, receive a Ph.D. through the Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

Q: What is the deadline for applying to your Masters program?
A: We will begin our review of  Masters applications on December 15 and complete admissions by April 15 of the following year. Applications received throughout this period are reviewed, but those received earlier have a greater chance of success.

Q: Can I enter the Masters program during the Spring semester?
A: No. We admit students into our Masters program for Fall semesters only. We initiate our program of study at the beginning of August.

Q: I have low GRE scores but a high GPA. Can you tell me whether I should consider applying to your  Masters program?
A: You should always consider applying. Once we receive your completed application, we can evaluate your entire package (GRE scores, GPA, letters of recommendation, research experiences). We look at all aspects of your application to make our admission decisions.

Q: How many students do you admit to each class?
A: We expect to recruit between 1 - 5  M.S. students into our M.S.  program each year.

Q: Will I have the opportunity for a personal interview, and if so, how will I be notified of interview dates?
A: The Admissions Committee will notify you if you have been selected to interview. You will work with Ms. Lishune Mahone,  the department's Graduate Program Coordinator, to finalize the details of your visit.  You will be responsible for costs associated with your visit.

Q: When do you interview prospective students?
A: As often as we can, we will work with prospective students to find a mutually convenient day for the interview.

Q: Is there any way that the GRE test requirement can be waived?
A: No.

Q: What is your GRE code?
A: 1412

Q: What should be included in the statement of purpose?
A: The statement of purpose should include information about your reasons for wanting to obtain a Master’s degree and your preparation for that degree to date.

Q: Is there financial aid? / What is the tuition?
A: We do not provide stipend for M.S. students. However you could work with Loyola's financial aid office to secure a student loan. Tuition and fees.

Q: What about health insurance?
A: Students must provide proof of health insurance. Group health insurance is available through the university.

Q: Is there housing available?
A: While the medical center does not have on site housing, there are many varied and affordable accommodations near the medical center all within easy reach by public transportation.

Q: What are the GRE/TOEFL requirements?
A: We prefer to evaluate our candidates in their totality rather than by any single measure.

Q: What should be worn to the interview?
A: Business casual with comfortable shoes.

Q: I'm a foreign applicant. Are there any special requirements for me?
A: For full consideration, applications that include undergraduate transcripts from non-U.S. schools must also include a professional interpretation/evaluation of the relevant transcripts. A failure to include such an evaluation may result in an incomplete application that cannot be evaluated. Applicants for whom this requirement poses a financial burden may seek guidance from the chair of the admissions committee.