Letter from the Chair

Imagine reading a good book that you want never to end and, to your delight, it never does. Similarly, in your career as a scientist, although a given problem may be solved, the excitement of discovery goes on. Basic science seeks to understand nature. It is a continual process with the depth of discovery defined by your own depth of curiosity.

Yet, for curiosity to thrive and gain strength, it must be encouraged.

As scientists and teachers, we recognize curiosity as the innate desire for understanding and knowledge. We realize its importance to our own work. We are therefore committed to supporting this drive in each student and post-doctoral fellow, because we believe that curiosity has one end point, discovery.

As you read through our web site, you will learn about our ideals and our specific areas of expertise. We offer a dynamic, growing environment where significant discovery is an ongoing event. Our intense dedication to cutting-edge science is surpassed only by our unwavering commitment to first-rate graduate training.

Katherine Knight, PhD
Professor and Chair