Alan J. Wolfe, PhD

Alan J. Wolfe, PhD



Major Research Interests: Bacterial protein acetylation and the urinary microbiome


My laboratory is composed of two groups. One group studies the female bladder microbiome and its impact on women’s health and disease. The other group investigates protein acetylation and its influence on bacterial physiology. Both groups interact often.

The female urinary microbiome and its role in health and disease A broad range of lower urinary tract (LUT) diagnoses affect women; these include urinary tract infections (UTI), bladder pain syndromes, urinary incontinence (UI) and overactive bladder (OAB). LUT problems are common and costly. At least 50% of women experience a UTI during their lifetime and a critical subgroup of UTI patients experiences recurrent UTIs. Bladder pain syndromes are poorly understood and thus poorly treated, despite significant research investment. UI and OAB are also highly prevalent with substantial economic costs, accounting for >$20 billion/year in the US, and affecting 30-60% of middle-aged and older women in the general population.

The Wolfe lab is an integral part of the Loyola Urinary Education and Research Collaborative [LUEREC], a multidisciplinary translational research team co-directed by Dr. Wolfe. In 2012, LUEREC reported the first definitive evidence that bacteria colonize the normal female urinary tract, an observation subsequently confirmed by others. These results overturn the longstanding dogma that urine is sterile. This recent documentation that the FUM exists provides an opportunity to advance our understanding of the etiology of diverse LUT disorders.

Indeed, we recently reported that the bacteria that comprise the FUM are distinct from those that cause overt clinical UTI, that the FUM of women with UI differs from that of women with no LUT symptoms, and that the FUM has clinical relevance, linking it to clinical symptoms and outcomes, including associations with urinary symptom levels, treatment response, and UTI risk.

Protein acetylation in bacteria
Nε-lysine (protein) acetylation in bacteria has recently emerged as an abundant and stoichiometrically relevant post-translational modification in diverse bacteria, including both Gram-negatives and Gram-positives. There are two known mechanisms by which protein acetylation occurs. The first is the canonical enzymatic reaction catalyzed by an acetyltransferase that uses acetyl-CoA as an acetyl donor. The second mechanism is non-enzymatic acetylation that uses the small, high-energy central metabolite acetyl phosphate (acP) as the acetyl donor. As such, bacterial protein acetylation resembles eukaryotic protein acetylation, including non-enzymatic acetylation, which occurs in mitochondria. We infer that acetylation in bacteria works much like it does in eukaryotes and that it exerts a similar impact on protein function and cellular physiology.

In this context, we submit that the most important outstanding questions in this new field are the following: (i) how do bacteria regulate acetylation, (ii) does acetylation affect bacterial protein function, (iii) how does altered function affect cellular physiology and (iv) can we develop approaches to facilitate future studies? To answer these questions, we have formed a multidisciplinary collaboration with chemists, structural biologists, and chemical engineers.

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