Andrew Dingwall, PhD

Andrew Dingwall, PhD

Associate Professor

The cancer COMPASS: navigating the functions of MLL complexes in cancer Ford,D. J.; Dingwall,A. K.Cancer genetics 2015 ; ( ):

The Drosophila COMPASS-like Cmi-Trr coactivator complex regulates dpp/BMP signaling in pattern formation Chauhan,C.; Zraly,C. B.; Dingwall,A. K.Developmental biology 2013 ;380(2):185-198

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The chromatin remodeling and mRNA splicing functions of the Brahma (SWI/SNF) complex are mediated by the SNR1/SNF5 regulatory subunit. Zraly,C. B.; Dingwall,A. K.Nucleic acids research 2012 ;40(13):5975-5987

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