Liang Qiao, MD

Liang Qiao, MD


M.D., University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Major Research Interests: Innate Immunity, Mucosal Immunity, and Vaccine Development

We are exposed to pathogens and unharmful antigens in the environment, especially at mucosal surfaces. Our immune system is tightly regulated so that it only fights against pathogens but not against environmental unharmful antigens. This regulation controls activation of innate immune signals, the first step of immune responses. Our goal is to study how this is regulated so that we can develop approaches to treat inflammatory diseases and to induce effective immune responses against pathogens.  Our current research interests are:

Innate immune signal regulation and immunotherapies targeting innate immune signals

Mechanisms of immune regulation by probiotic commensal bacteria

Development of vaccines against HPV, HIV, HCV, ZIKV as well as colorectal cancer

Mechanisms of tumor resistance to immunotherapy



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