Rabbit Hybridomas


  Molecular Biology

  • Large Scale Preparation of Plasmid DNA
  • Plasmid DNA Preparation - SuperQuickie
  • Northern Blot Analysis
  • Phage and Phage DNA Preparation
  • Genomic DNA Preparation
  • RNA Isolation by CsCl or TRIzol® Method
  • RNase Protection Assay
  • Preparation of Frozen Electrocompetent E. coli for Transformation
  • Transfection by Electroporation
  • 125I Labeling of Protein - ICl Method
  • Preparation of Single Stranded M13 Template DNA
  • One-step" Protocol for Transforming Yeast
  • Preparation of Rabbit Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (PBL)



  • Isolation of PBL from Buffy Coats
  • Western Blot