Public Health Policy & Management MPH

The Master of Public Health with a concentration in Public Health Policy and Management includes a broad array of course offerings. Students with interests in the arena of policy and/or management will obtain interdisciplinary training in politics, epidemiology, ethics, economics, law, and management. The program provides students with the concepts, methods, and practical experience to address pressing issues in public health policy and management.

Public Health Policy and Management graduates may seek career paths in health service provider systems, government health and research agencies, not-for-profit community health agencies, health advocacy groups, public policy research institutes, international health care agencies, medical professional membership organizations, or academia. Graduates may also gain employment as departmental or program managers in hospital and health care systems, bio/pharmaceutical service organizations, consulting firms, government health and research agencies, and not-for-profit community health agencies or international healthcare agencies.


Accessible – online
Flexible – on your time and at your pace
Authoritative – training from nationally renowned educators.