Doctor of Medicine/Master of Public Health (MD/MPH)

Medicine and Public Health Scholars 

For medical students looking to have a greater impact on their communities once working as a physician, a dual MD/MPH degree is now offered by the Stritch School of Medicine.

Having public health degree can further educate you about medical and public health policy by giving context on how individual patient care can affect an entire community. Physicians with a public health background can have better insight into chronic disease and how to combat them on a larger scale—think vaccines, tobacco regulations, and pollution standards.

Loyola University Chicago can help you become this sought-after physician with deep insights into medicine and public health. While you complete your MD degree at Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine, you can earn an MPH as well within five years.

Program Distinctions

  • Complete full degree in five years: The MPH is integrated within the Stritch curriculum, allowing for the completion of this dual degree program in five years, with most of the public health curriculum completed before the start of medical school.
  • Focus on health disparities: Loyola’s Health Sciences Campus is located in an underserved area, Loyola has a unique opportunity to promote health equity and collaborate with local agencies to empower the community. The MPH program seeks to contribute to public dialogue regarding health and disparities by sharing and communicating the knowledge gained from scholarly pursuits. 
  • Flexible class times: The MPH program can be done online or a combination of online and classroom-based courses.  It is recommended all MD/MPH students, even those doing the online track, take as many classroom-based courses as possible to assist in building a strong cohort. Also, all classroom-based courses are offered in the late afternoon or evening, leaving the days open to explore research and/or volunteer opportunities.
  • Three tracks: Students can specialize in Epidemiology, Public Health Policy & Management (focus on either policy or management), or Global Health Equity depending on research and practice interests.
  • Cohort within a cohort: The Stritch School of Medicine is known for its tight-knit community, and completing the MD/MPH will surround you with a small group of students with the same interests within your medical school class community.

Program Structure

  • Start your MPH in summer before the first year of medical school, which Stritch refers to as the M0 year, and complete all didactic courses before the first year of medical school.
  • There are 42 credits total, with 33 credits/11 courses taken during the M0 year. Most students complete one course the summer before the M0 year, starting in early June, making for five classes in the fall semester and five classes in the spring semester.
  • Six credits are counted and transferred from electives taken during your M3 and/or M4 years.
  • Two-credit capstone project (presenting project and writing a paper) that can be completed during a Stritch research elective or discretionary time in the M3 or M4 year.
  • A one-credit practicum (210-hour experience in public health. Some students can complete this during the spring semester of the M0 year.

Expectations After Graduation

You’ll join a growing network of physicians who are committed to leading change that fundamentally improves how healthcare is delivered in this country. Armed with medical and public health knowledge, you will be ready to handle burgeoning and existing public health issues and be leaders in community health.

Admission Requirements

The pathway to admission into the MD/MPH program is straightforward:

  • Admission to the Stritch School of Medicine (through AMCAS)
  • Statement of Purpose for the Masters in Public Health Program
  • Submission of official undergraduate transcripts to LUC’s GPEM office
  • Letter of Support from Stritch Dean’s Office
  • No GRE required
  • Application deadlines:
    • M0 Start (before the first year of medical school) – April 30

Admission to this program is competitive and limited to 10 students per academic year.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available and is separate from your medical school award. Begin the financial aid process by completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Stritch offers a 50 percent tuition discount on the MPH portion of the program to applicants who meet selection criteria.

Learn More:

Amy Luke
Director, Medicine and Public Health Scholars program
Stritch School of Medicine
P: 708.327.9011