Research, Practicum, & Service Opportunities

Potential Research Opportunities (for capstone or other interest):

  • Vitamin D and Health – see Dr. Durazo-Arvizu
  • Surveillance of West Nile Virus & Other Mosquito Projects – see Dr. Harbison
  • Emergency Medical Services for Children – see Dr. Kafensztok
  • Sleep and Health Outcomes in 5 Populations – see Dr. Luke
  • Diet, Physical Activity & Weight Gain in 5 Populations – see Dr. Luke
  • Incentivized Health Promotion – see Dr. Markossian and/or Dr. Dugas
  • Electronic Medical Records and Readmissions – see Dr. Markossian
  • Social Networks in Health Care Teams – see Dr. Shoham
  • Race Differentials in Health – see Dr. Cooper
  • Hepatitis B and/or C in West Africa – see Dr. Layden
  • Health Services Research at Hines VA – see Dr. Weaver

**Drs. Cooper & Luke are looking for immediate help with a systematic review of energy intake and weight change – will require literature searches and abstracting data.  Should result in manuscript.