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Having a pharmacist at bedside speeds administration of critical stroke drug, study finds

It's sometimes possible to stop a stroke in its tracks by giving the patient a clot-busting drug called rtPA, which restores blood flow in the brain. More


Loyola study suggests a way to stop HIV in its tracks

Edward M. Campbell, PhD, is a corresponding author of the study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. More


High success rate reported for diabetic Charcot foot surgery

Nearly four out of five diabetic patients with severe cases of Charcot foot were able to walk normally again following surgery, a Loyola study has found. More

Patrick Stiff, MD, co-authors landmark CAR-T cell cancer treatment study in NEJM

Loyola University Medical Center, participated in the pivotal clinical trial of a groundbreaking cancer treatment that genetically engineers a patient's immune system to attack cancer cells. More


Pathways to stable housing

Loyola's Center for Urban Research and Learning partners with Chicagoland community leaders to research the issues affecting their neighborhoods. More


In the right place at the right time

When an earthquake struck in Nepal, Andrew Trotter called upon the skills and experience he gained at Loyola to aid the emergency response. More