Core Facilities

Description of Research and Core Facilities

Approximately 65,000 of the Cancer Center's 125,000 square feet are dedicated to basic science/laboratory research into the causes of cancer and development of new treatment approaches. These research facilities include 34 laboratories in which Cancer Center investigators conduct research projects funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), American Cancer Society (ACS), and other peer-reviewed external funding agencies.

The Cancer Center's core facilities include the Immune Monitoring Core and the FACS Core Facility.

A comprehensive list of the Medical Center's core facilities can be found on the Office of Research Services core facilities web page.

Beyond the individual laboratories, the Cancer Center provides core facilities to support the research activities and provide unique technical equipment and staff.  These include:

  • Tissue culture/incubator rooms, which provide the equipment for culturing cancer cells for laboratory experiments;
  • Shared equipment rooms, with high speed ultra-centrifuges, incubators, and spectrophotometers, and ultra-low (-800 Celsius) freezers;
  • Refrigerated cold rooms, maintained at +40 Celsius for the preparation and storage of scientific media, and for the performance of experiments that must be conducted at low temperatures; and
  • Dark rooms, which are fully equipped for the preparation of electrophoresis gels, microscopic photography, and the development of photographic or X-ray film to reflect the impact of experimental procedures on the structure of chromosomes.

In addition to the core facilities, the Cancer Center provides administrative support in the areas of grant administration, computer support, research informatics and biostatistics.