Clodia Osipo, PhD


Associate Professor, Cancer Biology;
    Microbiology & Immunology

CBCC 238


Research Focus Areas

  • Breast cancer
  • Cancer stem cells
  • Notch signaling

I am an experienced chemist and cancer biologist with over 25 years of training, expertise, and a love for science. My desire to eradicate cancer stem cells comes from personal experiences. My maternal aunt and a very good friend died from complications due to cancer. I feel a very strong commitment to finding a cure for cancer in order for more people to spend time with their families. Currently, the Osipo laboratory is focused on determining mechanisms responsible for drug resistance in breast cancer. The main focus is on the role of Notch signaling in cancer stem cells and how current standard of care increases canonical and non-canonical Notch-dependent cancer cells that are resistant and responsible for tumor recurrence. Collaborations are key to our success and include a team of basic scientists and clinicians including other Notch experts (Dr. Lucio Miele), medical oncologists (Dr. Kathy Albain), breast pathologists (Dr. Ping Tang), estrogen signaling (Dr. Suzanne Fuqua), and biostatisticians (Dr. Susan Hilsenbeck). Together, we strive to eradicate breast cancer.

Departmental Program: Cancer Cell Biology and Signaling

Education / Training:
PhD:   Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL  USA

Clodia Osipo Publications