Jiwang Zhang, MD, PhD



Professor, Cancer Biology; Radiation Oncology

CBCC 337



Research Focus Areas

  • Hematopoiesis
  • Stem cell self-renewal
  • Bone marrow microenvironment and cell signaling

Our laboratory is committed to understanding how the molecular signals that emerge from the bone marrow (BM) micro-environmental niche regulate normal hematopoiesis and how deregulation of such signaling is involved in the pathogenesis of hematopoietic disorders. Specifically, we have identified: 1) factors from
the normal BM niche which regulate self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). We want to use such factors to stimulate the expansion of HSCs in in vitro culture for the purpose of improving the success of transplantation therapy and to induce hematopoietic regeneration in conditions of BM failure; 2) factors and related signals from diseased BM which are causally involved in disease initiation, progression and/or drug-resistance. We intend to use such information to develop novel medications for the purpose of preventing the progression of pre- leukemia to leukemia, and to develop targeted therapies to combat drug-resistant cases of leukemia. We use unbiased systematic techniques such as RNA sequencing (from RT-PCR) and shRNA/Crispr screening assays in our factor identification process. We then use both in vitro culture assays and in vivo animal models to functionally verify these factors. Finally, we always seek the goal of translating our discoveries by further evaluating our findings in primary patient samples and xenograft models.

Departmental Program: Cancer Cell Biology and Signaling

MD:   Lanzhou Medical College, China
PhD:  Shanghai Institute of Hematology, Shanghai, China

Jiwang Zhang Publications