Maurizio Bocchetta, PhD


Associate Professor, Cancer Biology,
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

CBCC 204
Office: 708-327-3362



Research Focus Areas

  • OTUD6B deubiquitinase
  • MYC oncogene
  • Lung adenocarcinoma

My laboratory is interested in identifying Notch-independent targets of γ-secretase inhibitors (GSIs). GSIs have a very high toxicity towards adenocarcinoma of the lung (ACL) cells, which is poorly recapitulated by Notch genetic inhibition. A combination of hypothesis- and discovery-driven approaches has led to the identification of the deubiquitinase OTUD6B as an important regulator of growth and proliferation of ACL cells. Preliminary data suggest that OTUD6B may act through the regulation of MYC expression/activity. OTUD6B is a highly conserved gene in vertebrates; yet, very little is known concerning the function of this protein. Currently, my main goal is to clarify the network of post-translational modifications regulated by OTUD6B splicing isoforms on oncogenic proteins and on the translational initiation complex. This will lead to a better understanding of growth and proliferation of ACL cells, which may lead to innovative therapeutic strategies for adenocarcinoma of the lung, which is the major cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S.A. and worldwide.

Departmental Program:  Cancer Cell Biology and Signaling

Education / Training:
BA, MS (“laurea”):  University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy
PhD:  University of Rome ”La Sapienza", Rome , Italy

Maurizio Bocchetta Publication List