Mitchell Denning, PhD



Professor, Cancer Biology; Pathology &
    Laboratory Medicine
Interim Chair, Molecular Pharmacology & Neuroscience
Graduate Program Director, Biochemistry & Molecular 
    Biology Program

CBCC 237

Research Focus Areas

  • Keratinocyte biology
  • Ultraviolet radiation induced skin carcinogenesis
  • Protein kinase C

Our laboratory is interested in understanding the regulation of cell fate decisions (proliferation, differentiation, death) for keratinocytes and melanocytes within the normal epidermis, as well as how these processes become perturbed during ultraviolet radiation-induced skin carcinogenesis. We are focused on protein kinase C signaling pathways as key regulators of epidermal biology, and use a variety of molecular, biochemical and cell biological approaches to uncover novel signaling mechanisms. The cellular responses to ultraviolet radiation are complex, and we are interested in the multitude of biological effects elicited by UV radiation, including inflammation, cell cycle arrest, DNA damage repair and cell death. By understating both physiological and pathological regulatory mechanism in the epidermis, we are able to test novel preventive and therapeutic approaches to combat the approximately 4.5 million new cases of skin cancers diagnosed annually in the USA.

Departmental Program:  Cancer Cell Biology and Signaling

Education / Training:

BS:    Biochemistry, University of Arizona  Tucson, AZ USA

PhD:  Human Cancer Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison  Madison, WI  USA

Mitchell Denning Publication List