The Department of Cancer Biology Research Programs


The combined research interests of the Gene Regulation and Epigenetics faculty include: the study of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes associated with leukemia and lymphoma; MLL protein and MLL fusion proteins that cause leukemia; understanding the multitude of critically important roles chromatin structure plays in normal development and disease; role for angiogenesis in leukemia and lymphoma.


Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy



Cancer Biology and Cell Signaling

The Oncology Research Institute Stem Cell program was started in March, 2011, to study both normal and abnormal stem cells by utilizing different model systems to determine the distinct self-renewal actors/mechanisms common to both normal and cancer stem cells.  We are also interested in using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) to study the key mechanisms by which the differentiation of stem cells and dedifferentiation of mature somatic cells are regulated.