Administrative information

All students and residents conducting or participating in any form of research must complete an online training course in the protection of human subjects in research. This action is required regardless of the type of study you are planning, retrospective, prospective or clinical case series. Individuals considering studies requiring the use of animals must complete training in the appropriate use and care of animals in research prior to initiating any animal study. Further information and links on human subject and animal use training is found below.

‌All studies involving the use and/or collection of human data whether prospective or retrospective in design must be approved by the institutional review board (IRB) of the respective institution where the study will be conducted. Studies involving Loyola Medical Center patients only require approval by the Loyola IRB. Studies being conducted at the Hines VA Medical Center and Loyola require the approval from the IRBs of both institutions. Research may not be undertaken until such time that appropriate IRB approval is granted. Studies requiring the use of a consent form will be stamped with the IRB approval signature. You are asked to use the stamped version of the consent in your consenting process. All studies are IRB approved for a one year period only after which time you must apply for re-approval. Investigators, including students and residents are expected to report serious or life threatening adverse events that occur during the course of the study to the respective IRB within 7 days of their occurrence.

Human Subject Protection Training / Animal use Training

Training in the appropriate use of human subjects is available on-line at both the Loyola and Hines VA sites. You must obtain a valid certificate indicating a passing score in the post course examination to proceed with IRB submission. Training for the use of animals follows similar guidelines with on-line course work and testing available at both the Loyola and Hines VA sites.

‌The following links will provide specific information on completion of the course work for Loyola and the Hines VA Medical Center respectively:

Grant submission

In order to expedite grant submission on behalf of residents and faculty, it is asked that a current CV be submitted electronically to Kim Bergen at Loyola University, Department of Ophthalmology. Notices regarding instructions and application deadlines for various ongoing vision related grant opportunities may be found on our web site.

The STAR program

The Department of Ophthalmology at Loyola University participates in the STAR program for second year medical students. The research is conducted over the summer between the first and second medical school years. A list of available vision research topics is found at this link. Please contact the respective principal investigator or the clinical/basic science research directors for more information about this program.