Infectious Disease

Pediatric Infectious Disease specialists provide diagnosis and management of patients with confirmed or suspected infections. Both outpatient and emergency inpatient consultations are available.

The infectious disease specialists treat complicated problems including:

  • unusual rashes
  • congenital infections
  • Kawasaki's disease
  • fever of uncertain origin
  • meningitis
  • tick-borne diseases
  • diarrheal diseases
  • intra-abdominal infections
  • tuberculosis
  • lymph node infections
  • bone and joint infections
  • unusual or prolonged viral infections.
  • The practice has a special interest in treating children who require long-term antibiotic therapy and evaluating children with suspected immunodeficiency conditions.


The Pediatric Infectious Disease rotation is an elective where residents, students, and infectious disease fellows will attend pediatric infectious disease clinics, weekly joint pediatric/adult infectious disease conferences, and present patients of interest to conference attendees. There is also opportunity for participation in clinical research and to receive instruction in microbiology from the clinical microbiology laboratory. Learners will gain in-depth knowledge of 15-20 core pediatric infectious diseases.



Andrew Bonwit, M.D.