Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery/Craniofacial Surgery

The Cleft and Craniofacial Anomalies Program at the Ronald McDonald Children’s Hospital is a multidisciplinary team that treats infants and children with congenital and acquired craniofacial conditions. Some of the many conditions treated include: craniosynostosis (sagittal, metopic, coronal, and lambdoid), syndromic craniosynostosis (Crouzon, Apert, Pfeiffer, Saether-Chotzen, and craniofrontonasal dysplasia) and deformational plagiocephaly. The program also specializes in the treatment of craniofacial microsomia, Goldenhar Syndrome, Treacher Collins, Nager Syndrome, Pierre Robin Sequence, facial clefts including cleft lip and palate, and vascular malformations.

Our multidisciplinary team offers comprehensive care from birth to adulthood, in order to provide the best care for your child.

Parit Patel, MD