Welcome and Introduction from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Molecular Pharmacology at the Loyola Medical Center! W‌hen I joined Loyola of Chicago in June, 2014, three things impressed me, the quality of the research programs being run by the faculty, the quality of the graduate and medical students and how hard they work, and the positive influence of the Jesuit foundation of our institution, specifically the focus on the value of academia, ethics and social justice.

I am honored to be a part of this institution. I hope herein that you find understanding of our mission, interesting science and most importantly, meet the people who carry out the research and educational aspects of our work with dedication!

Mission Statement:  To advance basic and translational research, education and academic service in the Pharmacological and Medical Sciences, with a focus upon improving patient outcomes with new therapies. We also seek to reduce disparity in education, research, and patient care by appropriate application and dissemination of new knowledge.

About the Department 

The Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics at Loyola has a long history and the Department currently has research in three major areas, Cardiovascular, Neurobiology, and Cancer. Since all of these areas require therapeutic target discovery and pre-clinical research, a broad based Pharmacology Department is appropriate. Our research is not defined only by the field or area of organ or disease but rather more broadly by the molecular functions that underlie biological processes and disease mechanisms. Accordingly we are building in some new areas that offer interdisciplinary and collaborative research opportunities.

 What we all have in common is an interest in discovering the molecular basis of disease, identifying possible therapeutic targets and using our research to test potential solutions (therapies).  Our research spans the gamut from very basic science, to translational research and pre-clinical to early clinical studies. We are among those who develop the medicines and the novel therapeutic approaches of tomorrow.

- Dr. W. Keith Jones, Professor and Chair