Joanna Bakowska, Ph.D. - Genetic, behavioral and cellular approaches to study mechanisms in spastic paraplegias

George Battaglia, Ph.D. - Effects of drugs of abuse and anti-depressants on serotonin function during development

Michael Collins, Ph.D. - Mediators/mechanisms of neurodegeneration and neuroprotection

Simon Kaja, Ph.D. - Novel glioprotective and neuroprotective approaches for ocular disorders

Gwendolyn Kartje, M.D., Ph.D. - Neuronal plasticity and recovery of function after stroke and traumatic brain injury

Karie Scrogin, Ph.D. - Neuroendocrine regulation of circulation in shock, heart failure and anxiety

Monsheel Sodhi, Ph.D. - Molecular mechanisms leading to CNS disorders, predictors of suicide risk and pharmacogenomic predictors of drug response