The Department of Cell and Molecular Physiology at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine is pioneering the development of new approaches to study cells and organisms in the new discipline of systems biology. The ultimate goal of our research is to create new knowledge about the function and interactions of living cells, the cellular and molecular basis for dysfunction, and ultimately provide the basis for the development of new clinical treatment strategies to combat disease.

Toni R. Pak, PhD
James R. DePauw Professor and Chair, Department of Cell and Molecular Physiology
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Have you seen the September issue of Biophysical Journal?

Congratulations to faculty members - Jordan Beach and Patrick Oakes as well as their collaborator Eric Vitriol - whose article Quantitative Imaging of Membrane and Cytoskeletal Dynamics  was selected for the cover. 

Congratulations to our students who successfully defended their Ph.D. Theses

Melissa Quintanilla

Quantifying the number of NM2 monomers/filaments present throughout partitioning to differentiate theoretical models


Sean Cleary

Dynamic Control Of The Cardiac Calcium Pump


Margaret Bennett 

Smooth muscle myosin filament dynamics in

physiology and pathophysiology”


 Congratulations to our AHA Grant recipients

Christine Deligatti

Gina Vuchkovska


Announcing CHARM:

The department of Cell and Molecular Physiology is pleased to announce the launch of the Center for Healthy Aging and Resilience Medicine, (CHARM) an interdisciplinary initiative that seeks to investigate how cellular signaling pathways change across the lifespan.Click the link in the menu to learn more!

Recent News and Awards:

  • Jonathan Kirk, PhD, Associate Professor and Vice Chair, interviews with News Medical to discuss his first hand experience in the field of clinical and applied mass spectrometry. Read the full interview here.
  • Sean Cleary, PhD candidate in Dr. Seth Robia's lab, received an NIH predoctoral award for his project titled "Investigating Novel Regulatory Mechanisms of the Cardiac Calcium Pump by Inhibitory and Stimulatory Micropeptides." 
  • Dave Barefield, PhD, Assistant Professor, has been awarded an NIH grant titled "Regulation of atrial contractility in cardiomyopathy."
  • Toni Pak, PhD, James R. DePauw Professor & Chair, has been awarded an NIH grant titled "Neuromolecular consequences of adolescent binge drinking."


If you are interested in a career with Loyola University Chicago's Physiology Department, please visit our careers page.