Financial Aid

The department makes every effort to fund every Ph.D. student in the program and has met this commitment for the last 30 years. All Ph.D. students receive a stipend, which is currently $30,000 per year and complete tuition remission. This constitutes a total value of about $50,000. An important aspect of student financial support is the funding of the student's research. This funding comes entirely from the research grant support of the adviser. We estimate the total value of support for a typical graduate student for a nominal four years in the Ph.D. program is between $174,000 and $215,000.

Master of Science in Medical Physiology students are not supported with stipend or tuition remission, nor are there any scholarships. Cost of tuition is $1,880 per credit hour for a minimum of 24 hours, which can be paid over the year of the program.

Financial Aid Student Rights and Responsibilities