Additional Graduate Faculty

Donald M. Bers, Lecturer, Ph.D., UCLA

Regulation of intracellular calcium and contraction in cardiac muscle cells

University of California-Davis                         Phone: (530) 752-6517                  

Peter Breslin, S.J., Ph.D., Northwestern University

Cancer Center, Room 325                              Phone: 708-327-3168                 

Kenneth Byron, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Chicago

CTRE, Room 536                                            Phone: 708-327-2819                   

John Callaci, Ph.D., Associate Professor,

EMS, Room 4249                                           Phone: 708-327-2461                

Leanne L. Cribbs, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Graduate Education, University of Pittsburgh

SSOM, Room 406                                          Phone: 708-327-2817                  

Kyle Henderson, Ph.D., Lecturer

Midwestern University                                  Phone: 708-327-2839

Louis Lucas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Tulane University

Loyola University Chicago                            Phone: 773-508-2720

F. Bryan Pickett, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Indiana University

Loyola University Chicago                           Phone: 773-508-3620

John Rice, Ph.D., Lecturer, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Functional Genomics and Systems Biology Group

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center                Phone: 914-945-3728           

M. William Rochlin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Loyola University Chicago                            Phone: 773-508-3620

Allen M. Samarel, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Harvard University Medical School

CTRE, Room 525                                   Phone: 708-327-2821

Fletcher White, Ph.D., Lecturer, Medical College of Ohio

Indiana University, Indianapolis                    Phone: 317-274-5164