The Cell & Molecular Physiology Department has three different MS degree tracks:

  1. Special MS track in Medical physiology (MSMP)
    • The Master of Science in Physiology program at Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Campus is designed for college graduates who are interested in strengthening their understanding of medical physiology with the intent of enhancing their academic credentials to succeed in their medical school applications and the medical school academic years. 
  2. Masters track for a career in Mass Spectrometry (MS CAMS)
    • The Master of Science in Clinical and Applied Mass Spectrometry (MS CAMS) Program is designed for science graduates and those already working in the field of scientific research who wish to pursue or advance their career through specialized study in the exciting field of Mass Spectrometry.
  3. Research-intensive track in Cell and Molecular Physiology (MS CaMP)
    • The Master of Science in Cellular and Molecular Physiology-Research Program is a two-year, research-intensive, thesis-required MS degree that trains students to perform basic research and provides them with the tools to acquire, analyze and integrate the data into a physiological context.