The following comments are from alumni about their experiences in the MSMP program.


Dr. Isaac Agboola, M.D., M.S. 
Wright State University - Boonshoft School of Medicine, Class of 2018
MSMP Alumnus, Class of 2014

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for taking a chance on me in the program. As I recall my MCAT wasn't to the standards for the program but you still believed in me regardless. Not only that, you recommended at Loyola SSOM and wrote me a great letter for medical school. I am pleased to let you know that I have graduated medical school last week and now I will be doing my residency in Emergency Medicine at Yale.” 
Leah Krieger, Class of 2018
Michigan State University - College of Human Medicine, Class of 2022

"I 100% credit my successful application cycle to the MSMP program. I’d love to share the 3 biggest reasons why. First, the AMCAS application cycle has so many nuances. For example, it’s key to submit your primary and secondaries early. And what exactly is a personal statement? How should you prepare for interviews? The MSMP walks through every aspect of the process, ensuring you start off on the right foot from the second you hit “submit" on your application. Second, the MSMP program has a reputation for producing successful medical students. I didn’t necessarily understand how strong this reputation was until I started interviewing. I had interviewers telling me how much they correlate medical school success with Loyola’s MSMP. It is a rigorous program that is regarded as such, meaning a successful transcript from the MSMP could very well be the difference that earns you an interview invite or an acceptance off of the wait list. Lastly, the MSMP provides an incredible knowledge base. I can’t believe how applicable the material was, often times with only minor differences from the Stritch lectures, and with the same faculty! You are surrounded by faculty who want to help you succeed, and with classmates who are more than happy to support you. It was a fantastic experience. For only a 9-month investment, I truly believe it opened the door to a career in medicine for me."


Stephanie Miljkovic, Class of 2018
Creighton University School of Medicine, Class of 2022

"Without a doubt, my acceptance to medical school was a consequence of my time in MSMP. Besides their extensive support through the exhausting application process, MSMP opened the doors to so many worthwhile experiences on campus that I find not many masters programs have to offer. From volunteering in Maywood, creating friendships with my own classmates and medical students, and even going on a mission trip with Stritch students and faculty during spring break, I could not have made a better decision for my post-graduate studies. What’s more, the school's mission is exactly the physician I want to embody, someone committed to serving disadvantaged populations and being socially aware of crucial issues surrounding a patient's emotional, physical, and mental well-being. As I would learn on campus, there was always the chance to fulfill this mission during MSMP. Also, I found that the Functions of the Human Body (FHB) course was the best part and most applicable. It was well taught and directly related to my medical school preparation. In just 9 months, MSMP has defined my medical career for the better, and I look forward to its direct application in medical school!"


‌Isabela Lorenzo, Class of 2018


"From the close-knit environment to all the opportunities to be involved on Stritch’s campus, I could not have asked for more from an SMP. The small class size was at first a huge change, but I found it’s nice to be surrounded by people you admire and who are also going through the same process. It helped me thrive, and now the friends I’ve made in the MSMP program are some of my closest. Here, you become a real part of the medical learning community. You can take electives like Med Polish or Med Spanish, use campus resources like the Health Sciences library or the Fitness Center, and maybe even witness your first Match Day -- all alongside med students. In the MSMP program, it isn’t just your mentor who looks out for you -- all the faculty do. Study spaces are reserved for students in the CTRE and teachers make themselves available for review sessions or individual questions. Professors have been genuine sources of encouragement, and they will not hesitate to take the time to review a difficult exam with you one-on-one. You can really tell that everyone wants to see you succeed, and cares about your journey to get there. Although demanding, the MSMP program is truly a testament to what you’re capable of as an applicant. Moving forward, I do believe others will feel the same. While there are many things to consider when researching and applying to graduate schools, I think the most important thing a program like this can bring you is a sense of confidence in your own abilities as a future medical student. Ultimately, I am very happy that I came to Loyola, and am very grateful to the MSMP program for providing a support system of faculty and friends I know I can turn to at any time during this journey.“

Kevin Grudzinski, Class of 2017
Rush Medical College, Class of 2022
"My experience in the MSMP program was everything that I hoped it would be. The curriculum was challenging and required hard work, but, as a result, I developed more effective study techniques and feel confident as I head into my M1 year. I found the small class size to be advantageous for developing relationships with both faculty and classmates. It was comforting to be surrounded in such a supportive learning environment where the faculty and students are rooting for your success. Also, being in small groups provides an immediate resource to help work through the material together. I found being on the medical campus to be a unique advantage for extracurriculars and building relationships with physicians and current medical students. I would recommend this program for anyone looking to challenge themselves academically to prove that they can handle a medical school-like curriculum. You will leave more confident as you head into the application process and, more importantly, as you begin medical school."
Amina Basha, Class of 2013

University of Illinois - College of Medicine, Class of 2017

 “The Loyola MSMP Program has been a great experience for me and now I feel more prepared than ever to begin medical school. The small class size allowed the faculty to go out of their way to guide students individually and I learned a lot from 1:1 interactions with my professors. Each class had small group discussions that presented clinically relevant material that we will see in our professional careers. Furthermore, the unique professional development course and staff really helped me prepare in detail for my interviews. Since we were a small group, all the students got to know each other well and we often meet to go to dinner, study sessions, or different new places in Chicago. Overall, I would highly recommend this program for anyone seeking a degree in healthcare.”


Tom Bolig, Class of 2013
Wayne State University College of Medicine, Class of 2017
 "Choosing the MSMP program is one of the best career decisions that I have made. I believe that the curriculum is very effective in preparing a future health care professional. For example, the small group sessions are especially helpful because they force the student to think critically and work out scenarios of clinical relevance with his or her peers. The overall small class size is truly an advantage of the program due to its conduciveness to a more interactive learning experience among the faculty and the students. Also, the faculty are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I learned so much during the two semesters I spent at Loyola, and many opportunities were made available to me because of the MSMP program. I enjoyed my experience at Loyola and would strongly recommend the program to anyone who may be considering it." ‌


Marcus Wong, Class of 2013
Medical College of Wisconsin, Class of 2017

“I came to the MSMP Program to strengthen my applications to medical school. The professors are dedicated to helping us succeed, and I am thankful for their invaluable advice through mock interviews, essay critiques, and general discussions about my reapplication process. Our classes are very similar to medical school courses which allowed me to test and demonstrate my academic ability for the rigors of medical school.  The Program also provided me with the opportunity to volunteer at Loyola’s Emergency Department where I was able to apply some of our coursework (e.g. reading EKGs) while interacting with medical students and residents. Overall, I think the biggest advantage of the MSMP Program is that it’s located at an academic medical center, where there are opportunities to seek out interactions with researchers, physicians, administrators, and medical students in preparation for a medical career.”


Miysha Shaw, Class of 2012
Weill Cornell Medicine, Class of 2017

“The MSMP program at Loyola University Chicago has been an excellent experience for me. Being a non-traditional student, I was cautious that I would have difficulty succeeding in advanced-level courses; however, the small class size paired with dedicated and supportive professors ensure that I get a thorough and intense education. The professors present clinically relevant information throughout each lecture, and are driven to ensure students understand the content with full confidence. Additionally, the Loyola faculty members have made themselves available to discuss my personal goals, and have given me resources and guidance to help me reach them. I am very appreciative to be challenged and supported equivocally by the MSMP faculty and Loyola University Chicago. I feel very secure that the program is preparing me for a successful career upon graduation.”


Dinah Thibeault, Class of 2012
Loyola University Chicago - Stritch School of Medicine, Class of 2017

“From day one, I have been impressed not only with how friendly and helpful the professors and staff are, but also with how committed and dedicated my classmates are. I love how targeted the curriculum is to what we will be learning in medical school. Since we have most of the same professors as the medical students, the lectures are tailored to understanding the clinical relevance of the topics covered. In addition, having a small class of people with similar goals creates a focused and supportive atmosphere where I find my desire to pursue medicine constantly renewed.”

Solomon Tong, Class of 2012
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Class of 2016

“When I decided to pursue a career in medicine, I needed a transition from my background in business and economics.  The MSMP program has been more than I could have asked for.  The curriculum has supplemented my undergraduate studies with both challenging and valuable classes.  In addition, this program has done an excellent job replicating the culture and environment of medical school.  Most importantly, the caring faculty has been very intentional about helping me get to the next step in my career.”




Ravi Nakrani, Class of 2012
University of Southern California - Keck School of Medicine, Class of 2016

"The MSMP program at Loyola has given me many tools and resources to help prepare me for medical school, but, more importantly, I am taking away renewed enthusiasm about my goals and the new challenges ahead. The program creates an environment similar to their medical school by sharing faculty and curricula content with the medical school, and with the small class size we are better able to take advantage of these resources. This experience has been tremendously valuable and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a professional career in medicine."