On behalf of the faculty, students, and administrators at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine, I am pleased to welcome you to the Stritch family.  We congratulate you on the many accomplishments that have led to your acceptance to Stritch.  We are confident you will receive an excellent medical education at Stritch, and look forward to meeting you and the rest of the Class of 2025 on Monday, July 26, 2021.

The information that follows should be helpful as you make arrangements to begin your medical education. It is important that you review the information carefully. You are responsible for meeting all deadlines and requirements. Our goal is to be an open campus for the start of the academic year, so please plan accordingly. Any information regarding Covid-19 protocols will be updated on this webpage and at ssom.luc.edu.  

Your offer of acceptance has been made with the provision that you complete all requirements for admission while maintaining the scholastic standing evidenced by the credentials currently within your application and supplemental information.  Please complete your Certiphi background check as soon as possible, as reporting to schools can be delayed. Students enrolled in degree-granting programs are expected to complete their degrees prior to matriculation, without exception.  If you have any questions concerning these conditions, please contact me directly for clarification.

We’re incredibly excited to see you here very soon! Take care and safe travels.


Thank you,

Darrell Nabers, MSc

Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment




The following items are required to be complete before you can begin medical school. Please make note of the deadlines as different tasks are due at different times. 



Where to Submit


Complete Declaration of Intent, Technical Standards, Confirmation of Prerequisites, and Certification of Prerequisites.

(Log in with your AMCAS ID and password.)

June 6, 2021

Order your white coat and diagnostic equipment.

White Coat and Diagnostic Equipment Ordering 2021

The medical equipment listed is required of all students.  If you already own some or all of the equipment, you may opt out of ordering certain items.  To see if your equipment meets our standards, please email Diane Stancik (dstanci@luc.edu) for approval. If you opt-out of any equipment, the Bursar will credit your account for the amount of the opt-out equipment.


June 27, 2021

Order your blue name tag to be worn with your white coat.

Name Tag Order From 2021

July 1, 2021

Complete the following items in the Hines Veteran Administration ID Forms:

Application (VA form 10-2850D)

Declaration of Federal Employment Application (OF306)

Trainee Access and PIV Form

Appointment Affidavit (VA Form 61) (Does NOT need to be notarized.) 

I-9 Form

You do not need to complete TMS training or fingerprinting at this time.

https://vault.lumc.edu/admis_applicants/default.cfm (Available June 1, 2021)
(Log in with your AMCAS ID and password.)

Questions about these forms should be directed to Katie Butusov (katie.butusov@va.gov)

July 1, 2021

Mail four 2x2 (passport-sized) headshot photos with your name and AMCAS ID written on the back. Front pose only; head and shoulders; neutral background; color or black and white. You are welcome to smile in your photos! These must be hard copies. Photographs will be used on various registration forms and for other paperwork including National Boards Certifications throughout your time at Loyola.

Latrice Williams

Office of Medical School Admissions

Stritch School of Medicine

Bldg. 120, Room 200, Dock 8

2160 S. First Ave.

Maywood, IL 60153

July 1, 2021

Email a color photo of yourself with a neutral background to the admissions office for your student ID. If we do not receive a picture from you, we will use the photo from your supplemental application.


July 1, 2021

Register and complete CastleBranch forms and upload proof of immunizations/titers (Other requirements due at later dates). For questions, contact clinical-req@luc.edu

Immunization requirements:
Immunization Requirements 2021

CastleBranch log-in:

PLEASE NOTE: Loyola University Chicago recently added a requirement for all students to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to participate in in-person classes and activities for the fall semester. Read President Jo Ann Rooney's announcement here. For more information about uploading a copy of your vaccination card, visit this site for instructions. (This step can be completed after you receive your UVID in July)

July 1, 2021

Complete the Prematriculation and Orientation Form.


July 1, 2021 

Register as a patient in EPIC. Let them know you are an incoming student and DO NOT need to schedule an appointment but want to be registered as a patient.


July 15, 2021  

Send official transcripts from any institution where you earned a degree and/or completed any prerequisite classes. Transcripts must be sent directly to us from a school's Registrar to be considered official. PDF copies emailed from a student will not be accepted. We do not need transcripts from any other schools that don’t meet these criteria. Any official transcripts you requested during the application process are with AMCAS, so we will need a copy for your student record at Stritch. 

Latrice Williams

Office of Medical School Admissions

Stritch School of Medicine

Bldg. 120, Room 200, Dock 8

2160 S. First Ave.

Maywood, IL 60153



July 15, 2021  

Fill out questionnaire for our Academic Center for Excellence.


 July 15, 2021  

Complete the Prematriculation Registration Form. Please complete this form with all information you have currently.  You will be able to update any information you don’t have, such as local address, during registration on the first day of orientation. 

https://vault.lumc.edu/admis_applicants/default.cfm (Available June 1, 2021)

(Log in with your AMCAS ID and password.)

July 23, 2021

Complete fingerprinting at a nearby VA hospital facility. You will need your Social Security card with you when you get fingerprinted. 

Check back soon for more details on how to complete this requirement!

July 23, 2021

Complete the Health History Questionnaire, then upload to your Fitness Center Registration Form to gain access to our gym.

Health History Form

Fitness Center Registration Form

July 23, 2021

Complete Parking Form if you intend to drive to campus. This is required in order to receive a parking permit.

Parking form
Note: for Title, put medical student and for Department, put LUC

July 26, 2021

Complete electronic verification of CALL lab documents.

Computer Aided Learning Lab Access Form 2021

July 26, 2021

Read “Across That Bridge” by John Lewis. Please be prepared to discuss during orientation. In preparation for Orientation, a reading and discussion guide is included to provide some additional insight on the focus of your small group discussions, which will be led by Stritch faculty and staff. We hope you find the text to be a timely and engaging read; and we look forward to connecting with you in just a few weeks. 

In Across That Bridge, Congressman John Lewis draws from his experience as a prominent leader of the Civil Rights Movement to offer timeless wisdom, poignant recollections, and powerful principles for anyone interested in challenging injustices and inspiring real change toward a freer, more peaceful society.

The Civil Rights Movement gave rise to the protest culture we know today, and the experiences of leaders like Congressman Lewis, a close confidant to Martin Luther King, Jr., have never been more relevant. Despite more than forty arrests, physical attacks, and serious injuries, John Lewis has remained a devoted advocate of the discipline and philosophy of nonviolence. Now, in an era in which the protest culture he helped forge has resurfaced as a force for change, Lewis’ insights have never been more relevant. In this heartfelt book, Lewis explores the contributions that each generation must make to achieve change.

Feel free to check this book out from your local library or visit the links below:

AfriWare Books is a Black owned bookstore that has served the community since 1993. We provide a platform to showcase authors, artists and advocates who infuse us with a sense of cultural pride. By sharing pertinent information about the history, accomplishments and suggested solutions to improve the community’s well-being, Afri-Ware has distinguished itself as a beacon for cultural literacy. Afri-Ware makes the best of our rich African heritage available as expressed through specialty products, books, and events.

Book Link: https://www.afriwarebooks.com/store/p2355/ACROSS-THAT-BRIDGE-VISION-CHANGE-FUTURE-JOHN-LEWIS-9780316510936.html

Audio Book Link: https://libro.fm/audiobooks/9781478991793-across-that-bridge?bookstore=afriwarebooks

Check back later for your Common Read discussion guide!

July 26, 2021

Bring proof of citizenship to Orientation

US Citizens
Current US passport OR
State issued Driver’s License AND either social security card OR copy of birth certificate

Non-US Citizens
Permanent Resident Visa Card AND your current passport

Current employment authorization Document (EAD) AND I-765 Application for Employment Authorization

Bring to Orientation

Note: All documents must be originals—no copies!

July 31, 2021

Complete Mental Health First Aid Training.  Upload a copy of your certificate to CastleBranch after you’ve completed it.

Register for a Mental Health First Aid class here: www.luc.edu/mhfirstaid.  Classes will be offered virtually on July 20, 21, and 22.  The class is 4 hours long and includes the materials you will need for the class. There will be some pre-work that you will need to do prior to attending the session, and this information will be emailed to you approximately one week prior to the class. Classes are taught by Stritch faculty trained in MHFA and costs $30.

August 2, 2021

Complete Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduates Training .

An email will be sent to your luc.edu email address with instructions on how to access the course. (Available after July 23, 2021)

August 2, 2021

Change your Workday password.

An email will be sent to the email on your AMCAS application with your Workday ID and a temporary password.  Click on the link in the email, login, and change your password to something permanent. (Available after July 23, 2021)

August 2, 2021

Access your Loyola LOCUS account. View electronic billing, make a payment, set up direct deposit profile.


Do not complete at this time 

Sit for Hines ID photo and pick up Hines ID badge. This must be completed within 120 days of being fingerprinted. The best time to pick up your ID is between 7-9 am Monday through Friday.

Check back soon for more details on how to complete this requirement!

October 1, 2021

Decide whether you want Loyola’s Student Health Insurance

  • Opt out - Provide proof of alternate coverage by submitting a waiver in LOCUS in order to receive a credit to your account
  • Fast Track - Confirm that you want to be enrolled in Loyola’s health plan. Activating your coverage generates an electronic insurance ID card that will be available online within 48 hours. Coverage begins July 26, 2021.

(Log in with your AMCAS ID and password.)


Create an account to receive your insurance card:


JUMP Retreat

You’re invited! An enthusiastic team of M2s will give you a great start to your medical school experience by bringing you together for community-building, reflection, and connection. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the amazing parts of being a Stritch student and can’t wait to share the tradition of JUMP with you.

Our team is exploring options to gather in person, virtually, or both during the week of July 19. We’ll talk about hopes & fears, expectations, and transitions, as well as the Stritch values and our Jesuit heritage that make Stritch, Stritch! There will be opportunities for small group conversation, activities, personal reflection, a Q&A with M2s, and opportunities to connect with classmates in personal ways.

Registration will open in early June on this website. We hope you'll consider joining in on the opportunity to build connections with your class and get a taste of the spirit of Stritch.

Stritch Sneak Peek

Once your official Loyola emails are generated, you will receive an email from Vera Schalansky, the Director of ACE, inviting you to participate in Sneak Peek, a curriculum preview program to facilitate your transition to Stritch School of Medicine. Sneak Peek will provide a preview of your first class at Stritch, Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics (MCBG), as well as, introduce you to commonly-used study techniques and online student resources. Feel free to go through the site at your convenience.

Requesting Academic accommodations

If you will be needing to request accommodations for the upcoming year, please read about our accommodation policy here.

The Medical Student Union

MSU is the student government of the medical student body. Through the MSU, students can take part in various student organizations and service opportunities throughout the Chicago area and participate on standing committees at the Stritch School of Medicine. The MSU provides a voice for medical student opinions to the faculty and administration, deals with medical student issues on a local and national level, and sponsors social events such as a St. Luke’s event and the Spring Formal. All medical students are welcome to participate in MSU activities.  For more about the MSU and active student groups at Stritch, see: http://ssom.luc.edu/loyolamsu/.

 Class Facebook Group


Local Housing Options

The Office of Admissions has compiled a list of housing options in the area. View the housing packet 2021 here. The MSU Facebook page will also post any additional housing options that have been made available since the creation of the housing packet.

Curriculum Map

Check out the M1 Curriculum Map.

Medicaid Application Process

If you're looking for alternative health care coverage, take a look at the Medicaid Application Process 2021.

Administrative Contacts

Admissions Office:

Darrell Nabers, MS

Whitney Kieca, MLD

Tina Marino, MA

Latrice Williams


Financial Aid:

Tammy Patterson, MBA, MPA

Guadalupe Zarco, MAOL




Laura Zaucha


Registration & Records:

Julie Steinecker

Agape Lamberis

Rosemary Calcagno


Student Affairs:

James Mendez, PhD

Beth Sonntag, MAdEd

Viviana Martinez, MEd

JoAnne Kremske, MA



Student Life:

Catherine Jardien, MA

Curtis Kimberlin, MEd


Academic Center for Excellence:


Vera Schalansky, JD

Saadia Rafiq

Tina Calcagno



Student Health Services:

Tiffany Libby, APRN


Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Mark Torrez, MEd

Crystal Cash, MD

Freager Williams, MD




The Stritch School of Medicine First Year Orientation Program will be hosted Monday, July 26th through Friday, July 30th. Our orientation program is designed to assist you in acclimating to the medical school setting, provide opportunities for meeting and interacting with new classmates, and will introduce you to a variety of resources as you begin to prepare for the rigors of a medical education. We are currently working on the schedule and will have further details in June. In the meantime, please plan to be available the entire week from 8am – 5pm with some optional events in the evening. Please note: Orientation is mandatory. Please plan on being present at all events throughout the orientation as they are required for all incoming medical students.

Proof of Citizenship

As part of registration during orientation, you will need to provide proof of US citizenship, US permanent resident status, or DACA conferred status.  Please remember to bring this documentation with you to Orientation on Monday.  All documents must be original.  Copies will not be accepted.

US Citizen:
Your current U.S. Passport OR
Your state-issued driver's license or other state-issued ID which has a photo and descriptive information about you AND either Social Security Card or original/certified copy of your birth certificate.

Non-US Citizen:
Your Permanent Resident Card with your current passport.

DACA Conferred Status:
Current Employment Authorization Document (EAD I-765) AND I-765 original DACA card.

The above documentation is required in order to begin medical school, so please do not forget to bring it with you on the first day of Orientation.  Your documentation will be recorded as you go through the registration portion of orientation.  Please note that all documentation presented to us must be current.  We cannot accept expired documents.

Parking Information

M1s will be able to park in Deck C (the deck at the south end of campus) beginning on the first day of orientation, July 26th

Register for on-campus parking here.
Note: for Title, put medical student and for Department, put LUC

Parking costs $26/month and can be paid via credit card or check at orientation.  It is preferred that you pay for the entire academic year (July 26-May 31) at that time, which would be $260.  However, monthly payments of $26 will also be accepted.  After your initial payment ($26) during orientation, you will need to visit the parking office each month to pay.  Parking is available for purchase over the summer of 2022 if you need it at a cost of $26/month.  Please note that extended or overnight parking is not allowed on campus, so it is recommended that you ensure that you have options for extended parking available where you live.  Further information about parking and parking policies will be given out at orientation. 

White Coat Ceremony 

The White Coat Ceremony will take place on Saturday, July 31st.  At this time, we hope to coat students in person, however we will not be able to extend invitations to family or friends due to COVID gathering restrictions. The coating will be live streamed so loved ones can watch from home. A final decision about the format and details about the ceremony will be released by June 15th.

Please place your order for your white coat and diagnostic equipment no later than June 6th in order to ensure that we will receive your items prior to the White Coat ceremony on July 31st.

White Coat and Diagnostic Equipment Ordering 2021
Please note that Loyola pays for 1 white coat per student. If you choose to order an extra white coat, that will be at your own cost. A size chart is available on the website, so please use that in determining your size.  Note that the sizes are unisex, and if between sizes, the recommendation would be to size up—you will put A LOT of things in your pockets during your clinical years, and you will still want to be able to comfortably button it. Also, you can always have the coat taken in if it’s too big, but there’s nothing that can be done to a coat that is too small.

The medical equipment listed is required of all students.  If you already own some or all of the equipment, you may opt out of ordering certain items.  To see if your equipment meets our standards, please email Diane Stancik (dstanci@luc.edu) for approval. If you opt-out of any equipment, the Bursar will credit your account for the amount of the opt-out equipment.

For questions regarding white coat or medical equipment ordering, please email ssom-studentlife@luc.edu.

Annual Day of Service

Every summer around the celebration of the Feast Day of Saint Ignatius of Loyola (July 31), we honor his legacy and our Catholic Jesuit values by reaching out in service to our community partners. We are excited to introduce you to local organizations and opportunities for engagement. We invite you to get to know our Maywood community, including the various local leaders and non-profit organizations who partner with the Stritch School of Medicine and the Loyola University Health System. We hope you will begin to find ways to serve.

The Day of Service is scheduled for Saturday, August 7. Be on the watch for more info and Save the Date! You can learn more about this annual Day of Service here.

Financial Information

Your LOCUS Account

LOCUS is Loyola’s online connection to University services.  Here you can do things like view your e-bill or make a payment.  All financial functions are located in LOCUS under Campus Finances.

Log in to LOCUS at luc.edu/locus using your Loyola ID and password and click Campus Finances to get started.
If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Loyola University Help Desk at (773) 508-4487 during regular business hours.  

Electronic Billing

Electronic Bills (e-bills) are generated on the 15th of each month and are snapshots of your account at the time they are sent. An e-mail notification will be sent to your official campus (@luc.edu) email address and to those granted access when your e-bill has been generated. For more information, please visit www.luc.edu/bursar/billing

2021-22 e-bill Schedule

Term                    Sent               Due
Fall 2021               July 15           Aug 5
Spring 2022           Dec 15           Jan 5
Loyola University reserves the right to assess a monthly late payment fee of 1.5% of the past due balance on the student’s account.

Guest Access

If a parent, spouse, grandparent, or another person will be helping you manage your Loyola finances, you can grant them access to your financial account in LOCUS.  During setup you may select the areas your guest will be able to access and those they cannot. Set up guest access at http://www.luc.edu/bursar/parent_access.shtml.

Payment Methods

Cash, check or money order:
In person: Bursar’s Office - SSOM, Room 204
By Mail: Loyola University Chicago, 3953 Solutions Center, Chicago, IL 60677-300

E-Check (Electronic Check or ACH):
Online in LOCUS
Drawn from a checking or savings account only (no fee)

Wire Transfers:
From any domestic bank account
International payments should be made through our partner, Flywire (flywire.com/pay/luc/)

Credit Card:
Online in LOCUS: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa
75% non-refundable service fee ($3.00 minimum) added to the amount paid

For more information about payment options, visit http://www.luc.edu/bursar/payment_options.shtml.

Direct Deposit Refunds

Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine requires the DIRECT DEPOSIT method for all student refunds. If you have received financial aid funds in excess of the charges on your LOCUS account, you may qualify for a refund. Complete your direct deposit profile in LOCUS with a valid checking or savings account, and your refund will be deposited into your bank account within two banking days after the refund is generated in LOCUS.  You only have to set up your direct deposit profile once, but can update it at any time, if your account information changes. Read more about the refund process at http://www.luc.edu/bursar/refunds.shtml.


The 1098-T form reports the qualified amount billed to you by Loyola University over the course of the previous calendar year.  Its purpose is to help you and/or your tax professional determine if you are eligible for the American Opportunity Credit or the Lifetime Learning Credit on your income taxes. To learn more, go to https://www.luc.edu/bursar/1098t.shtml.

Start-up Expenses

Most students should anticipate between $2,500 and $3,000 in preliminary expenses as you begin medical school. These expenses will include security deposits for apartments and utilities, the first month’s rent, school books and supplies, food, and other personal needs. Therefore, you should be prepared to meet your initial expenses with your own money.

New students without local bank accounts should have between $800 and $900 in cash, traveler’s checks, money orders, or access to ATM’s to cover their personal expenses during the first weeks of medical school.  Local banks will not cash your checks until you have established an account and funds are available.  During the first weeks of school please be prepared to have money available for your use.

During the week of orientation, there may be expenses for any immunizations or titers you might need as well as for any of the optional social events.