Public Health is a vibrant, dynamic discipline that is by necessity both inclusive and multi-disciplinary.  Unique in biomedicine, public health is concerned with the whole population, and every group within it.  Because the health status of populations is sum of all positive and negative influences on health and well-being, we are called upon to study problems as different as mosquito control and drug abuse, and to become knowledgeable about the context of health across the age span from new born infants and the very elderly.  

DXA training Ghana 2016Of course, no individual or single organization can expect to engage every aspect of public health.  Within our Department we attempt to teach the core skills required to think critically about population-level threats to health, to understand the scientific literature in the field and to develop the excitement necessary to become a health care practitioner.  Our research program is likewise varied and multidisciplinary, allowing us to focus on new problems as they arise and to make use of the rapid advances in the technology for measurement and analysis. 

The Department of Public Health Sciences has major intellectual and research commitments to the well-being of diverse populations and inequities in health.  Our faculty have been challenging the racialized assumptions of biomedical research since the 1980’s and are leaders in research among populations of the African diaspora.  Loyola Medical Center is located in Maywood - a predominantly African American community at the western border of Chicago.  Our faculty are actively engaged with civil affairs and health promotion in Maywood and have conducted numerous epidemiologic and prevention studies in the village.  For the past 3 decades we have also been working closely with local communities and academic institutions in Nigeria and Ghana and in Jamaica.


‌The needs of the public health workforce are diverse and ever changing.  Furthermore, our students are diverse and come into public health at different points in their careers, from undergraduate through practicing physicians with decades of experience.   To meet these needs, the Department offers several degree programs, including a CEPH-accredited Master of Public Health (MPH), an MS in Clinical Research Methods (for current Loyola clinicians), dual-degree programs with medicine (MD/MPH) and social work (MSW/MPH), and 5-year BS/MPH programs with the undergraduate College and Institute for Environmental Sustainability.  The Department also offers a Public Health Certificate program for those seeking a 4-course introduction to the field.  All of our programs infuse social justice into the curriculum.  

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