Amy Luke, Ph.D. received her doctorate in Human Nutrition and Nutritional Biology from the University of Chicago in 1994.  She started at Loyola as a research associate (or post-doc) immediately after graduation and has been here since.  Her training while in graduate school was in the objective measurement of energy expenditure and body composition using stable isotopes and she brought that expertise to the ongoing multi-country study of hypertension being conducted by Dr. Cooper.  Dr. Luke also collaborated on a community-based nutritional intervention in Maywood led by Dr. E. Prewitt. 

Traveling to Nigeria for the first time in 1998, Dr. Luke initiated her first project on the relationship between weight regulation and energy expenditure, as well as continuing to work with Dr. Cooper on a range of research including the genetic and environmental determinants of hypertension. 

Dr. Luke has spent a significant amount of time coordinating field research in West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana), the Caribbean (Jamaica) and here in Maywood, and currently has a multi-country study of the environmental determinants of obesity in African-origin populations, with study sites in rural Ghana, Seychelles, urban South Africa, Jamaica and the US (Maywood).  She is also a co-principal investigator on a computational modeling project dealing with childhood obesity. 

Dr. Luke teaches several lectures in the MS1 course, Function of the Human Body, and is course director for a course in the Masters of Public Health program, Epidemiology of Obesity.

Phone: 708-327-9011


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