David A. Shoham joined the faculty of Loyola University Chicago in 2007, where he is Associate Professor and Director of the MPH program. He received his PhD in Epidemiology from UNC Chapel Hill in 2005, where he focused on social, renal, and cardiovascular epidemiology. Prior to that, he studied Political Science at the University of Chicago (BA, 1995) and Epidemiology at Emory University (MSPH, 2001). Dr. Shoham’s current research focuses on applying social network analysis to understand health care teams, health behavior, and prevention of chronic disease.  He also has extensive experience studying health disparities in renal epidemiology. Currently funded research focusses on the information-sharing networks of women and girls regarding lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), as part of the PLUS U01 consortium (as co-investigator). He was co-PI on the Modeling Obesity through Simulation (MOTS) study and a co-investigator on the Modeling the Epidemiologic Transition Study (METS) study. He teaches the first year sequence in epidemiology methods to MPH students, a one-month epidemiology elective for fourth year medical students, and an elective in social epidemiology.

Recent publications:


 Networks and systems:

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Kidney and obesity: 

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Networks and systems:

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Kidney and obesity: 

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Kidney and obesity: 

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Networks and systems:

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Kidney and obesity:

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