Lara Dugas, PhD, MPH‌ received her doctorate in Exercise Physiology from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2004.  In 2007 she joined Loyola University Chicago as a research associate, utilizing her training in the measurement of human metabolism, including whole body energy expenditure, diet and physical activity monitoring.  In 2011, she completed her MS in Clinical Research Methods and in 2013 she obtained her MPH in Epidemiology. 

As the project coordinator (2009-2014) on a large five country study investigating the effects of diet and physical activity in populations of African origin, she became interested in the role of intermediary metabolites, including metabolite profiles and short chain fatty acids derived from the gut microbiota, and chronic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes in these diverse populations of African origin.  Through her work in West Africa (Ghana), she is a research member of the Hepnet consortium, investigating viral hepatitis in high risk populations.

Her interests are far reaching and include collaborating with Dr Amy Bohnert and the Loyola University Chicago Activity matters laboratory to explore the role of obesity-related behaviors (diet and physical activity) in the development of adolescent obesity during summer vacations.  Dr Dugas is also one of the founding members of the Loyola University Chicago Sports Medicine Epidemiology research group, focused on understanding the role of early sports specialization on the risk for sports injuries in adolescent athletes.  She is also investigating the role of muscle and scarcopenia and the development of metabolic syndrome in liver transplant patients.

Finally, Dr Dugas remains engaged in the exercise community and is a team member of the Research on the Run Race Across the USA 2015 research team, exploring the energetics and body composition changes in athletes running a marathon every day, for 140 days from the West Coast of the USA (Huntington Beach, CA), to Boydton, VA.

Phone: 708-327-9029


 Check out Dr. Dugas's recent WJOL radio interview in regards to her research.


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