Richard Cooper, M.D. ‌joined Loyola University Medical School in 1989 as Chair of The Department of Public Health Sciences. A major research focus of his has been a description of the evolution of cardiovascular disease across the course of the African diaspora. This work has demonstrated the determining role of changing environmental conditions on the evolution of cardiovascular risk status among populations of African descent. An additional dimension to this work has been the use of the tools of genetic epidemiology to explore the pathogenesis of hypertension and obesity. Dr. Cooper has also been an outspoken advocate of the need to incorporate a broad social understanding of race into the interpretation of genetic research on ethnic differences.

 Dr. Cooper received a MERIT award from the NIH in 1998 and has served on numerous advisory and review panels. He is a consultant to the WHO and the CDC on issues related to control of cardiovascular disease in developing countries and is Course Director for an annual training program in sub-Saharan Africa. In the last several years he has written widely on the topic of genetics and race and has been a frequent speaker at professional meetings. He was a member of the National Advisory Council of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NIH) from 2008-2011.

 Sickle cell in Africa is a major focus of Dr. Cooper's research at the present time and he serves as the convener of the AfroSickleNet (ASN). The AfroSickleNet project is a collaboration of investigators in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya, together with research groups in the US, Canada, and Jamaica. The primary goals of the Network are to define the genetic and environmental determinants of the clinical course of sickle cell and promote the implementation of newborn screening programs and better clinical management.

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