Medical Student

The Loyola University Department of Radiology actively fosters the educational mission of the Stritch School of Medicine in a variety of ways. The department has developed a vertically integrated curriculum in Radiology that incorporates teaching of the principles and practice of medical imaging across all four years of medical school.

In the pre-clinical years, medical imaging curricular content is embedded within the lectures and small group sessions of basic science courses in anatomy, physiology, physical examination, neuroscience and pathophysiology.  Students may also avail themselves of a course-based website for self-study.

During the third-year clinical clerkships, radiological science is presented to students through a combination of a comprehensive website that provides course-based radiology content and weekly radiology case presentations. The innovative, web-based weekly imaging case presentations provide flexible and personalized interaction with one-on-one feedback for students. These weekly case presentations are coordinated with the core clerkships, and have proven to be a well-received approach to context-specific and active learning.

Medical students collaborate with members of the Department of Radiology in research and other scholarly endeavors, culminating in presentations at the medical school’s annual St. Luke’s Day student research project presentation program, as well as other local, regional and national meetings.  Radiology faculty members also serve as mentors in the Medical School’s STAR (Student Training in Approaches to Research) program, which provides a summer stipend to students participating in approved research projects.