The information below applies only to Stritch School of Medicine students/graduates. We do not store records for/ provide transcripts or verifications for any other school within Loyola University Chicago.


You must submit the following documentation to obtain a replacement diploma:

  • A written, notarized request to the School of Medicine Office of Registration and Records documenting what happened to the original diploma.
  • A letter detailing the exact spelling of your name as it appears on the diploma (was your middle name spelled out or was an initial used).
  • The cost for a replacement diploma is $100. If you would like a letter-sized copy of the diploma in addition to the original diploma, the total cost is $125. Thus, a $100.00 or $125.00 check, made payable to Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, must accompany your request.
  • An address where the diploma can be mailed. Please keep in mind that someone must sign for the new diploma before it can be delivered.

Allow a minimum of eight weeks for receipt of the new diploma. It will be sent out by certified mail. If a letter or some evidence of graduation is needed in the interim, we can send a verification letter if we receive a signed, dated request from the graduate including the mailing address for the verification letter.