Bioethics & Professionalism (BP)

Dept. Contact Robbin Hiller
Location SSOM 292
Phone 708-327-9219
Department: Bioethics & Professionalism
Course Number: BP-430 
Course Title: Healer's Art 
No. of Students: 45  
Site: SSOM 
Supervisor: Camilla Larsen, MD   
Duration: 1 week of credit
Periods Offered: Jan-Feb
Prerequisite: None
Special Note:

Open to 1st and 4th year students only.

This course is outside the required curriculum, and no student may use this course to leave from, or reduce, the required time of any other course.

1st yr students should register through the Bioethics office (SSOM 280). 4th yr students can register online through myLUMEN.


Meets in Jan - Feb (5 sessions) on Wednesday evenings:
2019 dates: Jan 23, Jan 30, Feb 6, Feb 20, Feb 27. (All 6:30 - 9:30PM)

Attendance at ALL sessions is mandatory. Absence from a session will be handled at the discretion of the course director and may be grounds for withdrawal from the course.

The Healer's Art is an elective course designed to address the "hidden curriculum" in medical school by identifying, strengthening, and cultivating the human dimensions of the practice of medicine. It was developed twelve years ago by Rachel Remen, M.D. at UCSF and has now been successfully replicated at other medical schools. This course adds a unique experience and approach to the professionalism curriculum.

Method of Evaluation: As a whole, the course covers a spectrum of emotional aspects in medicine, and with every meeting, each participant is allowed to share and reflect upon his or her own personal experiences. In each of the sessions, the reflections require a general openness and a willingness to participate and share personal experiences. There is no textbook or assigned reading for the course; gift books and a reader are given out at the last session. Grades are administered on a Pass/Fail basis and are solely based on attendance.