Bioethics & Professionalism (BP)

Dept. Contact William Schmilke
Location SSOM 292
Phone 708-327-9200
Department: Bioethics & Professionalism
Course Number: BP-432
Course Title: Social Justice & Cultural Awareness in Health Care
No. of Students: 30
Site: SSOM 
Supervisor: Mark Kuczewski, PhD   
Duration: 1 week credit
Periods Offered: Runs November - April (part-time elective)
Prerequisite: YES - Second or fourth year standing.
Special Note:

Also counts as an activity for the bioethics honors program. Graded Pass/Fail only.

This course is outside the required curriculum, and no student may use this course to leave from, or reduce, the required time of any other course.

Description: This elective will focus on the role of culture and race in the United States, especially as it manifests itself in medicine. We will read the book by Prof. Vigen and analyze the impact of race and culture in terms of social justice.  We will particularly focus on the issue of hearing the voices of those whose perspectives are marginalized in mainstream cultural discourse.  We will seek to develop a concept of cultural humility in order to be open to the insights of those from “minority” cultures and consider how medical and health care professionals can better serve their needs. The goals of this project are:
  1. To promote awareness of career opportunities in medicine, nursing, and related health professions among students at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School.
  2. To foster cultural awareness of the strengths and challenges of the Latino community in regard to promoting healthy lifestyles and accessing health care. The interactions across all levels of learners will increase this awareness among the medical students and high school students.
These goals will be achieved through projects designed by the teachers of CRJHS and integrated into their regular curricula. These projects will be supported by the medical students of Loyola Stritch School of Medicine.
Method of Evaluation:

Grading will be on a Pass/Fail basis.

Students will also be evaluated on the quality of the service requirement (health conference presentations and/or social justice instruction) that the student develops with the teachers/students Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory High Schools.  In addition, reading assigned text and mandatory participation in book discussions.