Bioethics & Professionalism (BP)

Dept. Contact William Schmilke
Location SSOM 292
Phone 708-327-9200


Department: Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics & Health Policy
Course Number: HON-401 
Course Title: Honors Program in Bioethics & Professionalism Capstone Elective
No. of Students: 25-30
Site: SSOM
Supervisor: Katherine Wasson, PhD, MPH; Mark Kuczewski, PhD   

4.0 weeks

Periods Offered: During the fourth year with prior agreement from the instructors
Prerequisite: Completed the Honors Program in Bioethics & Professionalism
Special Note: Students must obtain prior acceptance by the course instructors and any other faculty advisors with which the student will need to work to complete the elective.

Honors students in Bioethics and Professionalism complete a capstone research project during their second and third years in medical school. These projects can be conceptual, empirical, pedagogical, or service oriented in nature. All honors students are required to prepare an academic level poster (or equivalent) of their work and present it to faculty and other students at the end of their third year. This new fourth year elective provides an opportunity for honors students to learn how to prepare and submit their work for publication.


  • To demonstrate an understanding of a variety of bioethical issues in medicine and health care.
  • To demonstrate in depth knowledge of the student’s selected capstone topic relating to bioethics and professionalism.
  • To acquire knowledge and skills regarding the processes required to prepare and submit a paper for publication based on the student’s capstone project.
Method of Evaluation:

Students will meet with their faculty advisors mid-course for feedback and be required to produce a detailed outline or draft of their paper. By the end of this elective, the student will have the final paper completed, a specific journal identified for submission and the paper will be formatted according to that journal’s specifications. Faculty will assess whether the student has fulfilled these requirements. The course will be graded on a pass/fail basis.