Center for Community & Global Health

Dept. Contact Lucia Garcia
Location SSOM 320
Phone 708-216-6318
Department: Center for Community & Global Health
Course Number: CCGH-110
Course Title: Medical Spanish Student Elective
No. of Students:  
Site: SSOM
Supervisor: Amy Blair, MD  
Duration: 1 week elective credit
Periods Offered: Year round
Prerequisite: None.
Special Note:

Course graded pass/fail only.


The purpose of the Medical Spanish Student Elective is to provide one week of elective course credit to those students who meet the language skills and cultural competency training of the Medical Spanish Program. To achieve elective credit, students will attend 20 hours of peer-led medical Spanish classes; attend four lectures/seminars dealing with cross-cultural healthcare or healthcare disparities; and, depending on fluency level, either shadow a translator or volunteer as a translator. Students' existing language skills will determine their placement into new beginner, advanced beginner or intermediate/advanced Spanish class, and provide the following learning objectives:
1) Beginner: language learning will focus on words, phrases and commands essential to a physical exam and useful in building a relationship with the patient; new beginners will receive training on how to work with a translator in a clinical setting,
2) Intermediate: language learning will focus on mastering the medical interview in Spanish; advanced beginners will receive training on how to work with a translator in a clinical setting,
3) Advanced: language learning will focus on developing fluency and vocabulary through a conversation format; intermediate and advanced students will receive training on how to translate in a clinical setting.

Method of evaluation:

Cultural competency component: Each student will submit a one page reflection on his or her experience shadowing a translator or volunteering as a translator at a clinic or health fair.

Language skill component: Beginner level students will be evaluated by an end-of-year written and oral assessment of basic conversation skills and physical exam commands by Medical Spanish Program teachers.
Intermediate level students complete history assessment through a standardized patient exam by Medical Spanish Program teachers (end of second semester).
Advanced students complete two standardized patient exams in the Clinical Skills Center (December: full history; May: full history with a cultural competency component).

GRADING: Pass/Fail only. Passing requires successfully completing all required components of the elective.